Prices and Terms of Delivery


  • CD single retail prices are mentioned in the catalogue. You’ll find our special offers here.
  • Europe (except Germany): Postage is € 4.00 for 1-4 CDs; € 7.50 for 5-9 CDs; € 10.00 for 10-19 CDs; € 17.00 from 20 CDs.
    € 4.00 for 1 LP, € 7.50 for 2 LPs, € 10.00 for 3-6 LPs, € 17.00 from 7 LPs.
  • USA: oaksmus and Generate Records CDs only! For current U.S. postage rates and terms of delivery please write to jeff [at]

  • USA: CDs and Vinyl other than oaksmus and Generate Records (shipped from Germany): see “All other countries”!

  • All other countries: Postage (by air mail) is € 4.00 for 1-4 CDs; € 7.50 for 5-9 CDs; for 10 CDs it’s € 32.00 (registered) or € 14.00 (non-registered). LPs: € 4.00 for 1 LP, € 7.50 for 2 LPs, € 14.00 (non-registered) or € 32.00 (registered) for 3-6 LPs, and € 32.00 (registered) from 7 LPs.
  • Postage rates for delivery inside Germany are listed here.

  • Please look up prices for musical scores in the Catalogue of Scores. For postage we charge the lump sum of € 5.00 (Europe) or € 8.00 (all other countries including USA). Scores are shipped from Germany.


There are two ways how to send your order to oaksmus:

  • send email (shop(at) Please mention titles and item numbers of the desired articles as found in the Catalogue of Scores or the Catalogue of CDs or

  • print out, fill in, sign, and send the fax order form. Of course you could also mail the completed order form to oaksmus, Geibelstr. 4, D-12205 Berlin / Germany.


  • pay with PayPal: all major credit cards accepted! Please mention with your order that you wish to pay via PayPal. We will send you a PayPal invoice with the corresponding link by e-mail or

  • transfer the summary price to our German bank account no. 862 895 807 at Postbank München BLZ 700 100 80.
    IBAN: DE75 7001 0080 0862 8958 07. SWIFT/BIC: PBNKDEFF.
    Please mention the name of Dietrich Eichmann for account holder.


  • We will confirm the reception of your payment by email. Your invoice will come with the delivery. We deliver by air mail as soon as the invoice amount is received. All goods are shipped at the cost and risk of the customer.

  • Originally sealed CDs can be sent back within two weeks. The prepaid price of the CDs will be refunded. Shipping expenses cannot be refunded.

  • Scores cannot be exchanged.

Sending your order you confirm that you have read and agree with these terms of delivery.

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