CD label and distribution

Six CDs and one DVD have been released on CD label oaksmus:
- Studio concerts #1 and #2
- A co-production with LINGUA (Wolfgang Fuchs, Thomas Lehn, Fabrizio Spera)
- Three early recordings of Dietrich Eichmannís music from 1989 and 1999
- A DVD of the Paris concert of the duet Dietrich Eichmann (piano) and Ramón López (percussion), captured by French filmmaker Cédric Labourdette.

The oaksmus distribution:

New in March 2008: a wonderfully authentic filmed portrait of composer, violinist, and performer Christoph Ogiermann. A film by Monika B. Beyer. (DVD Crog / German language)

Since October, 2007 you can buy the unusual productions of London-based label Danny Dark Records at Oaksmus. The Art Rock label was established in 2006 to promote the music of Walter & Sabrina and related projects, as well as scores and recordings by Cornelius Cardew.

Since May 2007 we distribute the exquisite production of Detroit-based label brokenresearch – vinyl LPs and CD-Rs in handmade, handnumbered covers – exclusively in Europe! The strictly limited editions of mostly 100 or 200 copies are usually sold out very soon. Thus we recommend to snap at the chance quickly!

All releases of Berlin-based label schraum are available at oaksmus.

The independent label Generate Records from Brooklyn, New York publishes improvised music and is run by American composer and percussionist Jeff Arnal. In Europe Generate Records CDs are distributed exclusively by oaksmus.

Also available are selected releases of electroacoustic music on the American independent label, POGUS, and of the legendary label of independent American composers, FROG PEAK MUSIC.

Besides musicians like Dietrich Eichmann, Jeff Arnal, Lars Scherzberg, to name a few who are connected to oaksmus in many ways, Dutch reedist and lyricon wizard Jorrit Dijkstra is represented with four very distinct CDs. Furthermore we are happy to introduce four CDs by young and most talented Lithuanian reedist Liudas Mockūnas in our distribution.

You can save money buying CD packs of the different labels in our Special Offers!

Score Catalogue
Scores by composer Dietrich Eichmann are exclusively distributed by oaksmus.

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