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Dietrich Eichmann & Ramón López

the first concert
at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, October 19, 2004

1. doutes et divisions agitent les arts / 2. les moutardes en colères


Dietrich Eichmann – piano
Ramón López – drums, percussion
camera : Cédric Labourdette

total duration: 46:25
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Dietrich Eichmann is one of the most versatile personalities in contemporary avant-garde music. His compositions have been performed on international festivals by renowned ensembles, as a pianist and improviser he is actively involved in many international collaborations, and he has been organizing the oaksmus studio concert series in Berlin and the attached CD label for several years.
His roots in Jazz and improvised music combined with his radical aesthetic approach to musical composition result in the unmistakable language of an unusual spirit. He believes that all creative artistic effort springs from the socio-political context and in so far necessarily, and always, is a reflexion of contemporary political problems.

Ramón López amazes through his relentless rhythmical foundation, his most refined sense of colours and dynamics, but perhaps most through this rare capacity to acclimatize to any given context without ever sacrificing his own identity, always in the service of the music, above all attentive to melody and its inflections, to the direct association of gesture and emotion. A great stylist is born.            Stéphane Ollivier. Les Inrockuptibles
An inventive rhythmicist, whose tabla practice leads to combinations rarely employed by drummers, Ramón López is one of those who make the drums sing melodies. In this sense he stands in the tradition of the great stylists in Jazz.            Sylvain Siclier. Le Monde
‘Ferryman’ is the term which best describes Ramón López. ‘Ferryman’ between borders, beyond the mirror, where everything is allowed. Ramón López, alchemist and poet at the same time, takes the listener not only on a geographical and inter-cultural journey, but also through all the drummer may evoke in ourselves. Of the scale of ritual. Rhythm as vital essence, rhythm as respiration. Rhythms braught to life through the way how sculptor and colourist Ramón López arranges silence and colour with rare talent.                    Xavier Matthyssens. Jazz Magazine

The collaboration between Ramón López and Dietrich Eichmann began in summer 2004 during Dietrich’s séjour at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Their very first duo concert was presented here and captured on film by Cédric Labourdette.
Their approach to improvisation is a clear vision of soundscapes and musical structures to explore material Dietrich will use in a new composition for ensemble with an improvising soloist : Ramón


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