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"You'd be hard pushed to find a more formidable body of work than that of Stephen Moore and Walter Cardew."
- The Wire

Complete works of Walter & Sabrina in Special Pack W&S for € 163 !!

Two Tales. The Twilight of Walter & Sabrina

the CD: 1. Walter and Sabrina Play Classical, Tale One (W.Cardew/S.Moore) / 2. Untitled (W.Cardew/S.Moore/D.Pritchard/M.Dungey) / 3. Walter and Sabrina Play Pop, Tale Two (W.Cardew/S.Moore)


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Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson – counter tenor; Celia Lu – soprano; Androniki Liokoura – piano; Matthew Dungey – piano, keyboard; Stephen Moore – recitation; Laura Pooley – soprano; Peter Crawford – male soprano; Walter Cardew – baritone, guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, harmonium, hand bells; Dai Pritchard – alto saxophone; Horace Cardew – tenor and baritone saxophone; Chris Edwards – oboe; Kati Lawrence – bassoon

the booklet: e-mail correspondence between Walter Cardew and Stephen Moore, September 2008. Script to the unfinished film ‘Cor Blimey, You’ll Never Get Rid Of That’, from 1996. Complete lyrics to CD tracks 1 and 3.

the book: Stephen Moore: Amalgam. Gotta Get A Shag. A World Of Walter and Sabrina.

Audio CD with colour booklet (32 pages) and book (164 pages) published on Danny Dark Records 2009
total durarion of CD: 54:17

item no.: DD1140
retail price: € 39,80

’”Two Tales" might imply a finale to this project, begun several years ago by Walter Cardew and Stephen Moore. If so, they are going out in majestic, jaundiced style, and this time they deliver both haunting, deceptively romantic music and a novella sized book full of squalid and yearning characters for whom appetite is all.’ - Mike Wood, music emissions

from the booklet:
The complex sum of contradiction,
For as long as it exists;
Wonder on common denominators of consciousness
Through which humans recognise themselves;
Through which we append existing reality
And secrets of condition, then, talk
To each other and not forget, however difficult or different.

Take us, then, back to Past, link us to those
Who, in past times, plotted, enjoyed and dreamed.




Walter & Sabrina/Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble: demons!

CD1: 1. bloody udders / 2. canterbury / 3. gazza knows best / 4. make it sinister / 5. mouse girl stoned / 6. probability / 7. shell shock
CD2: 1. spoilt brat sacrifice / 2. time to come / 3. tortured pets–sammy’s bloody eye / 4. unknown one, nameless one
all lyrics by Stephen Moore


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music composed and performed by
Stephen Moore – voice; Walter Cardew – electric guitar, voice; Celia Lu – soprano voice, harmonium; Dietrich Eichmann – piano, harpsichord; Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson – voice, electronics; Michael Griener – percussion; Alexander Frangenheim – double bass; Christian Weber – double bass

recorded in Berlin May 13-16, 2008 by Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson

the complete lyrics are published in the “demons!” booklet, a limited edition of 25 (see below), a free pdf (not identical with the printed booklet) can be downloaded here

2 CDs published on Danny Dark Records 2008
total duration: 116:16

item no.: DD1148
retail price: € 21,90


from the booklet:
Good, Evil; reality, a choice, unclear.
Appearances deceptive, contradictions abound, fiction becomes reality.
Two Faces; Scapegoat into Hero, Bad into Good.
Desire is exploitation.
Laws created, manipulated, ignored or abolished, are unstable or plain vanish.
Watched, spied, fixed, pinned down for tax of State.
To talk, not talk, to incriminate self, others.
Nothing is learned from truth; fiction contaminates reality, reality adapts to lies and deceits.
Demons blatant, now, have no shame and entering souls some are now possessed.
That Evil has entered the world in a specific way. Hell on earth created, its cancerous Will seeping from a point.
This, not feeling heading wrong direction, due violent computer games, mothers off to work, the freely available explicit pornography undermining, this is that evil is Here Now, dribbling. The Demonic invaded Opportunity, now pervades, is coming home. The Furies aroused, now pursuing. Demons have or will possess as they did The Germans .
How did people feel, understand, in Germany around 1933? What too about the Stasi, Staatssicherheit, and informers? That was then is it now? Many won't believe what is possible, the irrational that can be normal, what fictions will be true, where things end. Others see and fight or run or simply comment and observe This Enchantment.
So from roots of humankind, recesses that harbour irrationality, desires, evil that resides in individual and society, that civilisation may assuage but never completely eradicates...
Death comes without warning, appears in the sky and drops a bomb on you.



Walter & Sabrina: Jung Ahh Fleisch

1. Descending To Earth With Mercury / 2. Cradle To Grave / 3. Big Tits – Young Age / 4. Maxy Boy / 5. Thought She Was Special Again / 6. Kat’s Fitting In / 7. HP / 8. Is That Nice?
(all music/lyrics W.Cardew/S.Moore,
except track 8 “Is That Nice?” by S.Moore/W.Cardew/C.Lu/D.Eichmann/G.Brandt/A.Frangenheim)


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Peter Crawford & Samuel Penkett – counter tenor; Celia Lu – soprano voice, Ayanna Witter-Johnson – alto voice & cello; Stephen Moore – recitation; Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson – voice; Anna Thomas – flute, alto flute; Philip Knight – oboe, cor anglais; Horace Cardew – saxophones; Walter Cardew –guitar, percussion, brass; Mizuka Yamamoto – violin, viola; David Cousins – double bass
On “HP” and “Is That Nice?”:
Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble: Dietrich Eichmann – piano, harpsichord; Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson – voice, electronics; Michael Griener – percussion; Alexander Frangenheim – double bass; Christian Weber – double bass

Booklet includes complete lyrics.

CD published on Danny Dark Records 2008
total duration: 67:45

item no.: DD1145
retail price: € 15,90


from the booklet:
We have said "For that truly satisfying, feeling-superior-feeling, sit back and listen, bite the hand that feeds, and wallow in self righteousness with Walter and Sabrina's latest effort. Having, years previously, given you that 'difficult second album' in Sadness and Life we, now, release an 'anti-war album'.... We Sing For The Future".
Well then, now, like fools? innocents? incompetents? amateurs? we return to the unresolved, the inept, musical world of Sadness and Life with this Jung Ahh Fleisch.
This release appears, maybe, a pause from We Sing For The Future, not continuation, not strand like ladies hair poked back to plait, of the "Darkness Trilogy"? That it is a lull, a drawing back, a tainted easing before the next that continues, that breaks over heads, that sounds the consequences of We Sing For The Future? Whatever... that future album is written, it is recorded, it is our next release, it is called Demons!
But back, now, beware, suspect something from the wispy, wayward, reluctant, hair not plucked but tucked. Look then the evidence that tumbles out the tumbling cart set in motion with Chioma Sings Tales Of Danny Dark. See new birth, re-arrival, of that Thing left dead or dreaming in Rock-n-Roll Darkness. Consider we do not attempt to resolve, to rescue Sadness and Life, its unsatisfying sound world. Nor discover it's immovable emptiness, to realize that the meaning of "difficult", there, is "failure".
Still, it may be that this Jung Ahh Fleisch is an album that ties We Sing For The Future to the forthcoming Demons! album, to form a "Demons Trilogy". And more, that it is this album that ties a "Demons Trilogy" to the "Darkness Trilogy" and that by Chance's design we have found ourselves circled back to a beginning that was or is Sadness and Life.



Stephen Moore: demons!

Lyrics booklet released for recording sessions of Walter & Sabrina with Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble in Berlin, May 2008.

Contents: bloody udders / canterbury / gazza knows best / make it sinister / mouse girl stoned / probability / shell shock / spoilt brat sacrifice / time to come / tortured pets-sammy’s bloody eye / unknown one, nameless one

32 pages. Limited, hand-numbered and signed edition of 25 copies, Danny Dark Records 2008

item no.: DD_book01
retail price: € 12,90


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Walter & Sabrina: We Sing For The Future

1. We Sing For The Future (Cornelius Cardew; arr. W.Cardew/S.Moore) / 2. Sad Days Bad Days (W.Cardew/S.Moore) / 3. What Have We Done (W.Cardew/S.Moore) / 4.Our Sometime Fathers (W.Cardew/S.Moore)
„We Sing For The Future“


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Walter Cardew – voice, percussion, guitars, keyboards, brass, harmonica, harmonium, bells; Stephen Moore – spoken voice; Celia Lu – soprano voice; Mette Bille – alto voice; Horace Cardew – saxophones, clarinets; Dave Baby – Jew’s harp; Mizuka Yamamoto – violin, viola; Ben Davis – cello; Enrique Galassi – double bass; Androniki Liokoura – piano; Anna Thomas – alto flute; Julia White – oboe, shenai

Booklet includes complete lyrics.

Enhanced CD, published on Danny Dark Records 2007
total duration: audio 25:47 / video 11:40

item no.: DD1120
retail price: € 13,90

Movie of Celia Lu and Mette Bille recording ‘We Sing For The Future’

For that truly satisfying, feeling-superior-feeling, sit back and listen, bite the hand that feeds, and wallow in self righteousness with Walter and Sabrina's latest effort. Having, years previously, given you that "difficult second album" in /Sadness and Life / we, now, release the "anti-war album".../We Sing For The Future/





Walter & Sabrina: Rock’N’Roll Darkness

1. Mad Hayley / 2. Geek / 3. Rock’N’Roll Darkness (alle Kompositionen/Texte W.Cardew/S.Moore)
plus QuickTime Movie von „Rock’N’Roll Darkness“



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Walter Cardew – voice, percussion, guitars, keyboards, brass, violin, harmonica; Stephen Moore – spoken voice; Horace Cardew – saxophonec, clarinets; Celia Lu – soprano voice; Nima Gousheh – voice; Julia White – oboe; Rosie Reed – flute, pccolo; Naomi Bristow – clarinet; Orpheus Papafilippou – violin

Booklet includes complete lyrics.

Enhanced CD, published on Danny Dark Records 2007
total duration: audio 27:33 / video 15:22

item no.: DD1129
retail price: € 13,90

Some bodies are predatory, looking, lay waiting. Nothing new, timeless, human. Yes hunter gatherers, but consider farming. Some milked, some the milking. Or there are beings, age, class or species of no distinction, who are exploited. Both have mythical glamour, a comforting glamour, the swagger of dangerous rebel the pout of rescued princess. If they're to entertain, provide service, they require a manager.

...passages of this work represent some of the bravest and most ambitious music around at the moment.
Keith Moliné, The Wire, July 2007

...just about the strangest piece of music you are likely to hear.
– John S, Rock-A-Rolla magazine, May/June 2007.





Danny Dark Records Taster

Audio: 1. Rimble Man / 2. Memories / 3. The Ruinous Kiss / 4. Tiny Small / 5. Alley / 6. Self Harm Pt 2 / 7. Kats Jenkins - Cycling Girl (this pop version only available on this taster) / 8. Untitled / 9. Thought She Was Special for SuperNormal / 10. Op. 18 Descender / 11. Free Gift
Video: 1. Things Fall Apart (studio version-available only on this taster) / 2. Self Harm (Parts 1 & 2)


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Audio tracks taken from the following Danny Dark albums: Walter & Sabrina Play Pop; Walter & Sabrina Play Classical (1994), Sadness And Life - Sabrina (1996), Chioma Sings Tales of Danny Dark - Danny Dark Group (2003), Chioma SuperNormal. The Dark Album - Walter & Sabrina (2006)

Enhanced CD, published on Danny Dark Records 2006
total duration: audio 47:15 / video 19:43

item no.: DD1119
retail price: € 6,95

This taster has been released to mark the launch of Danny Dark Records and contains a special version of Kats Jenkins as well as two videos accompanying songs from Chioma SuperNormal The Dark Album which are not available anywhere else.




Walter & Sabrina: Chioma SuperNormal. The Dark Album

3 CDs (all music/lyrics W.Cardew/S.Moore)



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Walter & Sabrina Group:
Walter Cardew – voice, various instruments; Stephen Moore – voice, various instruments; Matthew Dungey – keyboards, voice, oboe; Mette Bille – mezzo-soprano voice; Nima Gousheh – voice, guitar, santur & Persian translation; Dave Baby – Jew’s harp, swanee whistle, kazoo, clap; Celia Lu – soprano voice & Mandarin translation
Dai Pritchard – clarinets; Oren Marshall – tuba; Sara Pego – violin; Natalie Spicer – oboe; Jane Easby – flutes; Evva Mizerska – cello; Nadia Wilson – clarinet; James Green – vibraphone; Ben Davis – cello; Julia White– oboe; Androniki Liokoura – piano, harpsichord; Sharon Falk-Sheye – violin; Georgia Ginsberg – soprano voice; Dwight Pile-Gray – horn

Booklet includes complete lyrics.

3 CDs, published on Danny Dark Records 2006
total duration: 173:06

item no.: DD1116
retail price: € 27,90

Lyrics of Disc 2 and mp3 of ‘Someone There’

This Opus Magnus, its unrelenting poetry, its lucidly structured composition, its incredibly elaborate arrangements, cannot be grasped with terms like Rock Opera, Musical Play, Oratorio, or Horror Show. Doubtlessly, all of this is part of it somehow, but all goes far beyond the outrageously unheard!
Dietrich Eichmann

The music is closely composed but performed with earthy, messy gusto, resembling Bertolt Brecht and Hanns Eisler performed by John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett.
Keith Moliné, The Wire, July 2007

A sinister, awkward and almost cruel beauty emanates from the overflowing trajectories offered by Cardew and friends ...askew expressionist cabaret atmospheres, which is difficult to handle and sometimes hard to digest, unstable, elusive, ‘hold-less’ music...
Nicola Catalano, Blow Up magazine, May 2007 (translated from the Italian)

...forget Neil Hannon, /this/ is the Divine Comedy - is perhaps best appreciated if you grasp the nettle and OD on the whole package.
Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic, January 2007



Danny Dark Group: Chioma Sings Tales of Danny Dark

1. (Bits of Rubbish) Innocence Hymn / 2. Kill the Brutes / 3. Kats Jenkins – Cycling Girl / 4. Shutupscream / 5. Alley / 6. Round and round; up and down / 7. Danny Dark / 8. In and out / 9. Thought she was special / 10. Squirmy / 11. Composter / 12. Let’s go to it again / 13. Meester Meeking / 14. Return / 15. Naughty Juvenile / 16. Repeat / 17. Op.18 Descender
(all music Horace Cardew, Walter Cardew, Stephen Moore / lyrics Stephen Moore)


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Laura Pooley – soprano voice; Dai Pritchard – flutes, saxophones, clarinets, trumpet; Horace Cardew – tenor saxophone, clarinets; Mick Foster – baritone saxophone, clarinets; Walter Cardew – guitar, percussion; Matthew Dungey – keyboards, voice
Also: Tom Chant & Roger Maxwell – electronics, Dawn Williamson – voice, and a large chorus

CD published in 2003 as HCACD2
total duration: 63:24

item no.: DD1114
retail price: € 15,90

Lyrics and mp3 of ‘Naughty Juvenile’

A vibrant mixture of avant-rock, modern composition, jazz and experimental electronica, this mysterious album has been circulating for a while now and deserves to be heard.Put together by Walter and Horace Cardew (sons of Cornelius), and featuring the instrumental input of various ex-Loose Tubes and Billy Jenkins alumni, it interleaves electronic textures, treated vocals and thorny, angular composition that is strongly remininiscent of Art Bears around the time of Hopes And Fears.The album also includes material created in workshops for young people, and fantastically morose lyrics by Moore, transmitted through the heavily treated voice of Laura Pooley, who sounds like a ringer for Dagmar Krause in places. The fact that it's clearly taken a superhuman act of will to bolt all this disparate material together is what gives the album its strange, edgy charm. Walter Cardew's abrasive sheets of guitar and brother Horace's dry, insinuating tenor sax are the dominant voices on this powerful album.
Keith Moliné, The Wire, January 2006



Sabrina: Sadness and Life

1. The Quest / 2. Invitation / 3. Conception / 4. Birth/Return / 5. Childhood / 6. Untitled / 7. Adolescent / 8. Young Man / 9. Untitled / 10. Man / 11. Memories / 12. Untitled / 13. Untitled / 14. Untitled / 15. Now / 16. Death/Start Again / 17. Free Gift
(all music/lyrics W.Cardew/S.Moore)


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Dawn Williamson – soprano voice; Walter Cardew – guitar, keyboard, euphonium, percussion, voice; Horace Cardew – clarinet
Also: Stephen Moore – spoken voice; Justine Abri – voice; Tom Chant – spoken voice, soprano saxophone; Adam Furness – trumpet; Emily Underwood – recorder; Ben Davis – cello; Roger Maxwell – electronic manipulations; Julian Crampton – double bass; Edmond Rose – voice; Dorian Forde – piano a.o.

Booklet includes complete lyrics.

CD produced in 1996, published on Danny Dark Records 2006
total duration: 63:42

item no.: DD1115
retail price: € 15,90

Lyrics and mp3 of 'Childhood'



Walter & Sabrina Play Pop, Walter & Sabrina Play Classical

1. My Heart’s In My Mouth (Walter Cardew, Stephen Moore, David Harkin, Roger Maxwell, Stuart Noble) / 2. A Ruby Rose, I Beg You / 3. The Ruinous Kiss / 4. My Bleeding Heart / 5. Lips Like Strawberries / 6. Our Morning Robin, Cheap And Cheerful / 7. Your Welcome Smile (Tracks 2-7: Walter Cardew, Stephen Moore, David Harkin) / 8. Untitled / 9. No.8 / 10. No.7 / 11. No.2, in three parts / 12. No.3 (Tracks 8-12: Walter Cardew, Stephen Moore)


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David Harkin – voice; Walter Cardew – guitar, percussion etc.; Stephen Moore – voice; Justine Abri – voice; James Hamilton – voice; Stuart Noble – percussion; Dawn Williamson – voice; Roger Maxwell – electronic manipulations, programming; Adam Furness – trumpet;
and singers from AB Fine Art Foundry

Booklet includes complete lyrics.

Limited edition, CD hand-numbered and signed by Walter Cardew und Stephen Moore, published in 1994 as WSCD01
total duration: 54:37

item no.: DD1113
retail price: € 15,90

Walter Cardew, half of Walter and Sabrina Play Pop. . . Play Classical, follows Eno in welding experimental techniques to format. A collection of songs and instrumentals, this album jangles along with all the verve of the Residents or Eno circa Tiger Mountain. It is also, and here’s a word under-used in the vocabulary of modern classical criticism, fun.
Louise Gray, Top magazine, November 1995




High quality 2 colour screen printed T-shirts.
Design Eye Up: 203x290mm inc. text;
design Light Night: 214x268mm inc. text
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Eye Up (navy blue)
text reads: Chioma SuperNormal The Dark Album
item no.: DD3424
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text reads: Chioma SuperNormal The Dark Album
item no.: DD3425
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