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Dietrich Eichmann - Hole in the Bird
Edition Zeitgenössische Musik des Deutschen Musikrates


Piano Quartet The Late 92 (1993)
Ensemble ottomani: Anne-Michèle Schack, Brigida Romano, Véronique Englebert, Claude Ledoux - pianos

Stinkfinger-Joe the Mass Murderer Meets Leather-Lilly in Hong Kong's Morning Twilight (1994)
Takashi Yamane - clarinet, Werner Dickel - violin, Yutaka Oya - piano, Dietrich Eichmann - announcer

Vorläufig namenlose Komposition für Flöte und Klavier (1996)
Gunhild Ott - flute, Christoph Grund - piano

total duration: 75:24

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Contemporary music oscillating between free jazz, improvised music, Morton Feldman, Luigi Nono and a far from sterile creative personality - such are the components of Dietrich Eichmann's music. He belongs to those composers in whom undogmatic artistic freedom combines with an ongoing claim to avant-garde, constantly undermining common perceptions of new music.

This CD follows Dietrich Eichmann's creative path through the nineties. It spans from the rhythmically terse piece for four pianos, which draws upon influences of Jazz and Heavy Metal, right up to the gently floating piece for flute and piano which utilises experience with improvised music. Not exactly music serving the self-proclaimed avant-garde elite. Rather more music with a humanistic and personal touch that perceives itself as an independent continuation of revolutionary starting-points set in the fifties and sixties. Eichmann proves to be a composer who has taken a personal route to create emotionally and intellectually committed music that stands outside the modern mainstream and therefore always has the scope for surprise. His music breathes and brings into being new sound worlds, it develops modernism and is deeply personal. With its extremely associative qualities it succeeds in addressing the unruly reality of everyday life just as much as existential loneliness. In other words: music for our times.
Harald Borges

Querkily splendid!


The very first sentence of the booklet note reassures us that the composer is no relation whatsoever to the Nazi war criminal with the same name, and in the interests of the public good, we repeat this consoling fact here... more

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