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violão de dois
Mello & Ocougne (BRA)


Chico Mello - guitar, vocals, clarinet, euphonium, matchbox
Silvia Ocougne - guitar, vocals, euphonium, cavaquinho
total duration: 70:31
live recording of the oaksmus concert on February 2, 2001

item no.: om010202
retail price € 13,90

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from the booklet
Silvia Ocougne and Chico Mello insert an intelligent quirkiness into the mainstream of what is generally understood by Brazilian popular music. For them the popular music of their homeland is the musical point of departure, out of which they create their own music. Their approach to tradition is sovereign, irreverent and playful-ironic, but never contemptuous. Silvia Ocougne and Chico Mello have their fun with this music to which they stand so close and yet as musicians and composers at a distance as well. Just as distanced as to the European-North American popular music tradition which they approach from their own musical background - as with Billy Strayhorn's 'Take the "A" Train'. Their means of making this distance clear are musical irony and the Brazilian joy in the unexpected, which does not occur as a long-planned and circled-off break as in European art music, but rather as a humorous, ironically commentated chaos which cuts through repeatedly like a bolt of lightning.

Improvisierte Musik aus Brasilien hört man auch nicht alle Tage. Mello & Ocougne bedienen ihre Instrumente nicht irgendwelchen Traditionalismen folgend, sondern als Handwerker auf der Suche nach neuen Applikationen... more


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