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top floor encounter
Scherzberg/Hughes/Arnal (D / USA


Lars Scherzberg - alto saxophone, John Hughes - bass, Jeff Arnal - drums, percussion
total duration: 64:42
live recording of the oaksmus concert on August 18, 2000

item no.: om000818
retail price: 13,90

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from the Booklet: 
The music of Scherzberg, Hughes and Arnal is pretty much removed from all conventions including those of improvised jazz, which may first spring to mind. It is radical through and through (in that sense in which 'radix' literally means 'roots'). One is reminded in more compact, concertined passages a little of Webern, who with the most minimal apparent expenditure of means could create the maximum amount of suspense. In other passages there is a lot of speech about it - of a discussion between three people who converse animatedly, and here and there grow quiet, while perhaps a participant takes time to reflect before entering the discussion once again. This music is audible human exchange. And moreover the exchange between three people who have something to say and not the trading of platitudes over a glass or two of prosecco in passing at some exhibition opening or other.

Is Top Floor Encounter part of the revenge of Generation Y musicians?
For the past 15 years or so, Gen X jazzers -- the so-called young lions -- have dominated the musical agenda, limiting improvisation to that involving swing, tonality and conventional interaction.... more


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