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frühe sammlung einiger nacht portionen - seventh piano piece
music and text by Dietrich Eichmann


Dietrich Eichmann - voice, keyboard, piano, sampling and programming
total duration: 75:58
Historic recording of the world première on June 6, 1989, at the university of Essen.

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from the booklet:
This though is contemporary night music. The musician gives his associations free range, he follows the paths of his consciousness in an inner monologue, out of which words like 'dreamed' or 'dreamy' spring forth as acoustic events. It strikes one that language has lost its normal communicative function. It surfaces in word and association scraps, the word 'dream' no longer summons up the Romantic feeling of the dream. Language has become hermetic, it denies understanding. It becomes lastly an element of music and ceases to be the means of bridging the I and the you, in so far as such a bridge is at all possible. Here a radically different understanding of language is reached, as that, for instance, of the Romantic Lied. This can be seen in Schwitter's Ursonate or sometimes with Jandl, where the language carries the sound and is itself born and then shattered by rhythm, often becoming the driving element of its own elimination. But the 'early collection of several night portions' is not only a profound critique of language: it is also a truly cryptic piece of fun if we allow ourselves to get involved.

So bei "frühe sammlung einiger nacht portionen / seventh piano piece", ein fünfteiliges Stück, das Dietrich Eichmann solo mit voice, keyboard, piano, sampling und programming aufgeführt hat. Zu der oder für die Musik hat er den poetischen Text "nacht portionen" geschrieben, der Gedanken um die philosophische Thematik "Verstand und / oder Gefühl"... more


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