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Fuchs/Lehn/Spera (D / I)


Wolfgang Fuchs - sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet, contra-bass clarinet
Thomas Lehn - analogue synthesizer
Fabrizio Spera - drums, percussion, electronics
total duration: 56:25
live recordings from concerts at 'Kulturhaus Mitte', Berlin, and 'Loft', Cologne, in March, 2000

item no.: om012010
retail price: 13,90

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from the booklet:
Music which does not deny its existential significance. Music which has left all conventions behind it and has not yet created any new ones. Music of bold, continually outrageous sounds. Music which has left all those limitations behind it that seem to be imposed on it by the market, music history, and the listening habits of the public. Music which demonstrates that honesty - towards oneself and others - needs to be felt as compellingly radical. Authentic music like this knows no goal, no possible respite, no end, rather only development. In all directions, with all expressive means. And neither does such music revere a dull optimism, content with things as they are, rather it dedicates itself to the Utopian

Wood, metal, skin and circuitry are the components that make up Lingua. Yet what this trio of two German and one Italian is able to produce with these simple elements is convincing because the veteran improvisers play the instruments rather than letting them play them... more


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