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Game and Earnest
Concerto for chess players, computer controlled samplers and synthesizers, grand piano, guitars, turntables, saxophones, and sound director.


Conception by FIQ 1987. Music composed and performed by Dietrich Eichmann, Christoph Grund, Uwe Kremp, Wolfgang von Stürmer and Reimar Volker. Chess Players: Annemi Egri and Wolfgang Rihm.
total duration: 60:23
Historic recording of the concert at the SDR-Studio Karlsruhe on December 11, 1989

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from the booklet:
'Game and Earnest' combines, through a brilliant idea, strictest order and chance, removing at the same time in a surprise dialectic twist all considerations of order and chance. Two chess players sit on the stage and play their kingly game. If a chesspiece is placed upon a square of the chessboard, a particular composition written specifically for this square is played by the electronics. In addition to this electronic music guided by the chess game four live musicians appear who each improvise according to their own independent concept. These concepts extend to actual Early Music. One could now believe that something like complete chaos would be forced to come out of all this. But the truly unbelievable happens: a sonic organism grows that is free from any noticeable randomness. In the chaos of the countless combination possibilities lies a deeper order, even if it is an order that hardly allows for repetition, or leaves room for prediction. Out of the pluralism of the technical structure, the composition methods and the individuality of the musicians there arises a many-layered piece, that certainly contains witty passages.

Die Musik - Resultate sind verblüffend: als ob verschiedene Radioprogramme zusammengeschnitten wären, kommt es zu witzigen Korrespondenzen der wechselnden Elektrosounds und diversen Instrumentalparts, mal als Barpiano, mal als Sax - Lamento... more


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